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Why I Do Not Php

I was asked the question about why programmers dislike certain languages and frameworks. The question was made after I was finished talking about local opportunities to a new a friend. My comment was that “I would apply to work there, but they are a PHP shop.”

PHP is self is not bad, nor are the things that any skilled programmer can build with it. In fact it is a wonderful tool. It is designed to fit a majority of the web out there. It is battle hardened and delivers on customer value.

The real problem is that as a programmer it is my job to keep my tools sharp, fresh, and organized. Exactly like a chef will maintain their knives and cookbooks.

This entire blog is filled up with code that I have not been paid to write. It is this kind of effort that I am willing to do to maintain and improve my skill set.

Keeping your skill level up as a programmer is a free time endeavor. It is an incredibly rare position where you can freely invest time on the job to learn and fail. If you have one of these mythical super awesome jobs, please do contact me :)

It is that fact is why PHP is not in my skill set. It is not a tool that I am willing to invest my personal time to grow and maintain.

Back to my pretentious sounding comment that started this post. I would have absolutely zero issue working for a shop where php was the primary language.

It would have to be such an incredible opportunity that I am willing to invest 100% of my free time into keeping that skill honed. I’m pretty sure the only opportunity on the planet that meets those requirements is Facebook, with a 6 figure starting salary, and an incredible team.

Even so, I would still give up a chunk of my salary to work with tools that I love.