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The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking by Edward B. Burger


  • understand the simple things deeply
  • remove the clutter
  • master the basics
  • ability to write a detailed outline of the topic/subject
  • admit what you don’t know

Welcome Mistakes

  • plan to fail 9 times out of 10
  • figure out what is right about something, figure out what is wrong about something
  • bad day? It’s a learning experience
  • exaggerate to the extreme just to see where it goes


  • sometimes answers lead to questions
  • creating questions enlivens your curiosity
  • teach to learn
    • motivation
    • basic examples
    • what to focus on
    • theme
    • ties
    • global structure
    • important details
  • improve the question
  • craft focused questions
  • craft questions that expose inner assumptions
  • question your own questions
  • what is the goal, result, benefit, core issue

    See the flow of ideas

  • create new ideas from old ones
  • iterate on ideas
  • just do it, move the project forward as a start (it’s going to be shit)
  • think back, what came before
  • extend ideas, the challenge is in finding those extension points
  • we are bias and limited to what we already know
  • what were they thinking?
    • What bias, belief, cultural opinions will people in 100 years look back and say WTF?

      Engaging Change

  • What does a more skilled practitioner do?
  • Adopt the habit of improvement


  • Rock solid basics
  • Fail and learn from the mistakes
  • Constantly create and ask questions
  • Constantly consider the flow of ideas
  • Everything is a WIP

The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure


It takes 10 times more energy, money, and time. If it’s going to take that much more just go bigger.

The rules

  1. Can Do Attitude
  2. I’ll figure it out or find someone else that will
  3. Focus on opportunity
  4. Love Challenges
  5. Seek to solve problems
  6. Persist
  7. Take risk
  8. Be unreasonable
  9. Be dangerous
  10. Create wealth
  11. Readily take action
  12. Always say yes
  13. Habitually commit
  14. Go all the way
  15. Focus on new (Just get on with it, stop over analyzing)
  16. Demonstrate courage
  17. Embrace change
  18. Take the right approach
  19. Break traditional ideas
  20. Goal oriented. Targets!
  21. Be on a mission
  22. High level of motivation
  23. Value Results
  24. Big Goals and Big Dreams
  25. Create your own reality
  26. Commit First, Details Later
  27. Highly ethical
  28. Interested in the group
  29. Continuous Learning
  30. Be uncomfortable
  31. Reach up in relationships
  32. Discipline