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"erraro - catch ember.js errors"

Erraro tracking for ember.js apps. Catch all your errors with the magical kangaroo named steve!.

site ember.js error tracking

server source github.com/erraroo/erraroo

frontend source github.com/erraroo/erraroo-app

software used Ember.js - Go

Alpha Flowfeeds

Like old flowfeeds, but new and fancy with a go backend.

site alpha.flowfeeds.com

server source github.com/nerdyworm/go-flowfeeds

frontend source github.com/nerdyworm/ember-flowfeeds

software used Ember.js - Go


A web based music player pre-loaded with hours of electronic music from the worlds best DJs and producers.

site flowfeeds.com

source github.com/nerdyworm/flowfeeds

software used Ember.js - Rails

Trance Mixes

The worlds be trance Podcasts gathered in one convenient place.

site trance-mixes.com

software used Backbone - Rails